Nuvvo Sagam - Takkar - Telugu (Telugu song)

Actor Siddharth is poised to make a significant comeback with a series of releases, commencing with the romantic action movie titled Takkar. The much-anticipated film, helmed by Karthik G. Krish of Kappal fame, is finally arriving in theaters on June 9 after a considerable delay. The recently unveiled trailer has captivated fans, generating immense anticipation for what lies ahead. Takkar follows Siddharth's journey as he aspires to attain wealth while also embarking on a love story with Divyansha Kaushik, portraying a wealthy girl. However, their romantic escapade takes an unexpected turn when they become entangled with a human trafficking gang during a road trip.

Nuvvo Sagam - Takkar - Telugu (Telugu song)

🎶 Song Name Nuvvo Sagam
📽 Movie Takkar - Telugu
🎤 Singer(s) Sanjith Hegde, Siddharth, Malvi Sundaresan
📃 Lyrics Srimani
👨‍👨‍👦‍👦 Cast Siddharth, Yogi Babu, Divyansha, Abimanyu Singh, Munishkanth, RJ Vigneshkanth
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👨 : Nuvvo Sagam Nenu Sagam

Ane jagam Ayye Sagam

Manam Ane Padam

Manam Ika Anam


👨 : Addame Pagilindile

Shabdame Vinipinchade

Yuddhame Jarigindile

Gayame Kanipinchade


Nijamide nuvvu nammave

Rujuvide itu Choodave

Tiyyani prati Gnapakam

Cheduga virichesenu manajuni


Nenannah maate

Nuvvu kadanna chote

Manalo prema paate

Ayyinde porapate

Mari nivanney mattey

Nekathanney Pootey

Manalo Premalottey Thelisey


Nuvvo Sagam Nenu Sagam

Ane jagam Ayye Sagam

Manam Ane Padam

Manam Ika Anam


👨 : Nuvvo.. Sagam.. Nuvvo Sagam


👩 : 🎤🎤

👨 : Nuvvu Nenu kalisi

Kanna Kalalu Veru chesi

Kanti papa Neevi neeku

tirigi ivvamande


Nuvvu nenu Kalisi

penchukunna aashalonchi

Baitikoche dari edo

Manasu vethuku thonde


Nuvvu pakkanunna Velalona vennelantha

Vaadi Vaadi Puvvulaga vaalipothonde

Neeku naaku madhya

Teepi teepi guruthulunna

kaalamantha kallalaga maaripoyi ralipoye


Thappa-tatu-gulanee Oppulai poye

Prema matal anne thappulai poye

Kanti vippuleni muppulaipoye

Manasulu veraye


tiruguthunna bhumi Nimisham aage

Gunde loni prema Vishame thaage

Anthu leni cheekatanchul-loke

Pranam Nadi-chenu-le


Adugeyyodde kadili vidipovadde vadili

Vadileyyodde majilee


👩 : Athamey pagilinthiley

Sabthamey vinipinchede

Yuddhame jarigindile

Gayame kanipinchade

Who sings the song Nuvvo Sagam ?
Sanjith Hegde, Siddharth, Malvi Sundaresan sings the song Nuvvo Sagam.

The song Nuvvo Sagam is from which film?
The song Nuvvo Sagam is from Takkar (Telugu) movie.

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