Mere Yara - Suryapet Junction (Telugu song)

The tale of the well, which fell victim to political greed, is a reflection of the fate of the future citizens of India. Arjun (Eeswar), Laxman (Sreenu), Bhasha (Tony), Harish (Rajesh), and Surya (Surya) are engineering students residing in the college hostel, relishing their lives with scholarships and government benefits that their families receive. The intersection is controlled by Narasimha (Abhimanyu Singh), who aspires to fulfill his three generations' ambition of becoming an MLA. Karna (Sanjay), his henchman, murders anyone who opposes Narasimha's rage and aspirations and tosses them into a well. Jyoti (Naina Sarwar), the daughter of Major (BHEL Prasad), who was killed by Karna, operates a canteen close to the college. While Arjun indulges in freebies, Jothi and Karna unexpectedly enter his life. Lakshmana becomes a casualty of Narasimha's vanity. With his friend's death, Arjun's life takes an unexpected turn. How will Arjun manage the complications? Did Narasimha succeed in politics? Did Jyoti accept Arjun's affection? The narrative concludes in a cliffhanger.

Mere Yara - Suryapet Junction (Telugu song)

🎶 Song Name Mere Yara
🎤 Singer(s) Rahul Sipligunj & Chorus
🎹 Music Roshan Salur
📃 Lyrics Rehman
📽 Movie Suryapet Junction
💰 Producer Aneel Kumar Katragadda
🎥 Director Rajesh N
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👨 : Mere yara.. Dhil Dhara..

Yegaresi.. Yethukora..


Mere yara.. Dhil dhara..

Gundakesi.. Hathukora..


Kannavalle yekkadunaro

Neku nenu naku nuvvelera

Mere yara.. Dhil Dhara..


sontavalle evvarunnaru

sancedaka todunuvvlelera

Mere yara.. Dhil Dhara..


Sukka mukka panchukuntu bathukutham

Oke pakka paina dhorlutham

Kirakuga kingu lekka thirugutham

Eppudaina ekkadaina thaggane thagam


Konami vasthe muddi meda thannukuntam

mude vaste mutti nakutaṁ

kanniloste kallalona pettukuntam

Kastham rani nastham rani

Dhosthe ye ma asthamantam

Mere yara.. Dhil dhara

Nuvve nenu.. Okkatera


👨 : Okkasari chethulu Kalipe yedaina

Kadadhaka kalise untam vandhelaina

Okapranam laga nilichena dhehalamai

Oka pidikili lanti

Ayidu yella manam

Manamelera mana balagam


Evaremantunna mana tere maruna

Lokam lo dhostheki oka ardham manam

Paramardham manam


Mere yara.. Dhil dhara

Whistle ye ra

Shuru chey ra


Mere yara.. Dhil dhara

Chindhey ra

Kummey ra

The song Mere Yara is from which film?
The song Mere Yara is from Suryapet Junction movie.

Who composed the song Mere Yara ?
Roshan Salur composed the song Mere Yara.

Who sings the song Mere Yara ?
Rahul Sipligunj & Chorus sings the song Mere Yara.

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